Is live test error or I did something wrong?

Hi , please help me solve this problem. I try to make quiz app but the problem is when I tested , it didn’t show any message while the others were showing normally. Please check my block if I did something wrong.

Hey @teerapun912oxjwn8 ,

Does it work if you use a screen starts rather than screen opens?

I tried it already but it didn’t work anyway.

List_q1 is a list of lists. Did you mean to do that? Because it’s going to be tricky to access the sub-list data.

Yes , I mean to do that. Because in list_q1 , the first list is for putting 15 sets of question and the second one is for making a set of question one by one.

It looks to me like you’re getting a random item from list_q1 which means that you are most likely getting a list back and then attempting to put that list into a label’s text.

I would recommend not using a list of lists.

Well , would you recommend me what should I do? About how to put random question into label’s text.

If you make a list of questions where each item of the list is a text block, then you can use the “random item of list” block to get a random question.

Can I include question , choice and answer in the same block?

Usually, you would use a data source for that. Each row would have a question, choices and answer.

Thank you so much