Randomized question app

Hey, i have been looking arround for a while trying to figure out how to make a randomized questions app where the same question does not aqcurre multiple times after each other but only ones. I get to the point where i have mange to make a list that are randomized when the button is pushed, but the same question pops up multiple times in short amount of time. This is my layout, thanks for eny help!


You might try something like this

Beware, last I checked there were some problems with the Length Of List block. It was returning the number of CHARACTERS, not the number of items. If that is still the case, you may need to use this function in place of the built-in length of list block


Thank you so much, i am going to try this right now. One quick question, how many question do u think both of the lines can and will handle?

I’ve had lists with tens of thousands of items, so it can handle a lot.

Thx, but at the first line of the code where the part: Set listOfObjects are, how do i sync up the listOfObjects and the other List with A B C togheter?

Check this out! One of my first ThunkableX projects!


Like do this work?

Whoops I made a mistake. The block that defines the list should not be in the button event. Otherwise it will work until the list is empty. When the list is empty, it will cause an error. You will need to add logic to check to make sure the list isn’t empty.

Happy Thunking!

Do you want to help me with showing me how? i am pretty new to this stuff and are quit unsure how to do it :frowning:

Will this work?

Should work! Did you try it?