Is it possible to show just the first 3 results from an AirTable to a Data Viewer?

I want to show just the very first 3 results of an AirTable into a DataViewer.
Is it possible to it in a easy way?

Right now what i’m doing is to call the selected rows from airtable, creating objects and updating a row in a different AirTable. Then the DataViewer is showing the last Airtable.
It works efficentely but my phone takes too much time to deal with the blocks and sometime it crashes.

Do you know an eaasier and lighter way?

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You can get all of the rows and then loop through them with i=1 to 3 and insert “as last” into an empty list variable. Then, use that variable for the viewer input.

This post shows something similar to this: [Solved] Retrieve data from Airtable based on condition.

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Thank you very much!