IOS Profile expiration

The profile expiration of the ipa file will expire tomorrow 2022-02-17 07:28:42, even if I download a new version again the profile expiration remains the same, does that mean the app will crash tomorrow at this time? Thanks.

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Sorry, which thing is expiring @avia ?

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It would help to provide a screenshot of what you’re seeing.


I’m guessing that’s why the downloaded app just died a little while ago. Can’t build the app and all the iPhones that it was installed on suddenly said the app “is not available”. Anyone heard on when this may be fixed? I’ve got 6 guys using it on my canvas team

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How did your users install the app? Did they download it from the App Store? From Test Flight? Or from the download link that Thunkable emails you?

What does the “not available” message look like? Is that an App Store message or something else?

Is a possible workaround to publish a web app version of the project?

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From the emailed link from Thunkable. The not available message is a popup from iPhone directly. When I deleted the app and tried to reinstall it, it says the “Unable to Install: This app cannot be installed because it’s integrity could not be verified”.

I’m not sure why the build failed. You’d need to get help from Support for that.

But the download link email includes a notice that states that the link is not to be shared with others:

If you plan to have other users use your app, you need to publish it (App Store or Web App) or use TestFlight.

Yeah, I sent them a message, but it will be tomorrow before they read it. Best I can determine, their certificate was revoked from Apple, but I’m not 100% sure.
If I had multiple mobile devices and multiple operating systems to debug on, I’d be 100% on board … but my funds aren’t unlimited, so I do what I can to debug across the board. Once it’s in its final form, then I’m on board for paying the $45 something per month to publish to the App Store. Still not happy about the almost doubling of prices for the same features, but I’ve already voiced my opinion on that in another post.

Can you try downloading again @kjbuttel9

Sounds like they were some unplanned issues with the iOS build server.

Also, not sure if you did since I’m not technically working at the moment, but if you didn’t, please send the reference number at the bottom of that email into the support message and I can look up the specific error that threw during the build.

Tried, but It’s still showing to be in maintenance mode, but I sent the most recent reference ID from the build fail messages in the support chat. Thank you!

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Has there been any updates with this issue?
I have a iOS app that was last downloaded via email around Feb 2nd.
Early in the morning on Feb 17th when I tried the app the little box popped up
saying my app “Is No Longer Available”. A different app that was last built and
downloaded to my wife’s phone about a year ago now gives the same message.

Hello @froman, can you try downloading those apps again? Not sure why that would be happening.

Are other people still seeing this behavior today?

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I would have tried another download but I’ve used up my limit for the month.
I may spend the bucks to get a subscription if I run out of other work to do.
I’m sort of surprised that other users aren’t seeing this issue.
Thanks for the reply and suggestion though.

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Thanks. The fresh download did fix the “No Longer Available” problem. A fresh download build
of a app that was last built last year was also fixed. I’m not sure what the is was. It’s almost as
if both downloads had internal code that made them expire on 2/17/22.


You already said you got the message iOS app provisioning profile expired. If this is the case then you need to open your developer account and regenerate the profile. If you have installed the profile in your iPhone then you need to remove it and install the generated one.

From Apple support site

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I’ve only gotten the pop-up box message saying that my app “Is No Longer Available”. And that was for two apps that were only downloaded via email. Does Thunkable have a generic iOS app provisioning
profile for apps built in the email download method? Was it updated two days ago? I’m just guessing here. If that was the case I would have expected more people seeing my problem.

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