App suddenly stopped working

Hi all. I have an grocery list-app that I have built which me and my wife are using everyday. Yesterday the app suddenly stopped working for me but only for me, not my wife. I hadn’t done anything special like updates etc… When I clicked to open the app I just got a popup saying “this app is not available any longer”… Is there anyone here with any idea what that could be about…?
I solved this by download and install the app again, and this app is not published yet but if it would have, would this have happened for all the users out there then? (at least for the apple-users…as my wife is an android user and she didn’t have this issue…)

Thanks!! /Andreas

This issue was brought up recently by someone else but I can’t find the topic.

If you check the download link email message, it states that the link is not supposed to be shared with anyone else. If you need to use the app on more than one iOS device, then you need to use TestFlight or publish it to the App Store or publish it as a web app.

I know that doesn’t explain why it worked before and now doesn’t but it just seems like you were using the app in a way that isn’t allowed and now when it’s not working, you’re surprised.

I don’t work for Thunkable so you could always contact them to find out more.

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See this post

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