iOS Live App bug

In my app, I have a dark mode, so when the device color screen is dark, it turns the app dark. It works on Android but for some reason, it use to work on iOS, but it doesn’t now… I figured out that on Android, when I have dark mode on, the keyboard in the Live App is also dark. On iOS, when dark mode is on, the keyboard on the Live App use to be dark, but now its light, like it would be on light mode. This shows that the Live App on iOS is always light mode and doesn’t recognize dark mode, which is why my app doesn’t have dark mode on the Thunkable live app.

Android Device Dark theme is on (see how the keyboard is dark) :arrow_down:

iOS Device Dark theme is on (Live App) (see how the keyboard is still light) :arrow_down:

iOS Device Dark theme is on (Safari) (see how the keyboard is dark) :arrow_down:

Again, this shows that on iOS, device dark theme seems to now affect the iOS Thunkable live app at all, since it doesn’t affect the keyboard, which you think would be dark, if device dark theme is on. But if we go on a different iOS app, (such as safari), it is dark theme. Android however has none of these issues.

(Keep in mind Dark Mode use to work on iOS in earlier versions of the iOS Live App)

(Please excuse Olive Garden on Safari)

The Thunkable Live app does not currently support Dark Mode, even if your OS settings have it turned on.

If you publish an app with Dark Mode to the App Store, it will display the keyboard based on whether your OS is set to Light, Dark, or Automatic.

Apologies for any inconvenience!

So… The live app on iOS doesn’t support dark mode? It use to. IDK what happened.
Android live app however does support it.
Anyway, thanks for your help!