Help me to make dark mode

Hey somebody plz help i am trying to make a dark mode for my app D - Note
Does anyone have any idea how to make it ?

Have a look at this, I made it a while ago


You can also check out the is device color scheme dark? block in the documentation. Here it is. It’s at the bottom of the page. Device - Thunkable Docs


Hey i was looking for dark mode in my app not for web

If you copy the project you will figure out how it works

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what @jaythemanchs is not including is that you will need to create all of the workup to switch between light and dark. there is no easy fix.

this is one area that style sheets would come in handy. Essentially, you’ll need to switch every color manually for any visible element that needs to be different. big pain in the ass but looks nice when you do it.

this is an easier solution for app only. this is the info that @bnice linked to above

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