Strange display behavior after downloading the App!

I’m having a very strange problem that I really can’t understand !
After downloading my app and test it , there’s a problem showing :
1- input text hint “ Type here “
2- time input
And here are screenshots showing the difference between the app in Thunkable live mode and the downloaded one .
Thanks in advance .

Any help please ?

Do you want to share your app via dm? I can try it out on my iphone

how do i get to the screen you are experiencing issues with?
i dont see how to use the date picker

add device
existing device
id = David
code = Smartech
name = any
then open lights
long click any light button then scroll down and select timer

See my shots below. This may be an issue with your phone. Have you updated recently?

how !
so what’s the problem ?
I don’t think that there’s an option to hide data picker or input text hint why that only happens with my phone only !

Try seeing if your phone needs updating @davidsobhysabetb

update iPhone instructions

I just updated and still having this issue !
but why in live app everything’s ok ?!

idk, it’s weird. It feels like the live companion is actually not the app on our phone. it feels like the app is being hosted on a virtual machine and that the companion app is a link between our phones and the virtual machine. That’s the only way the hot reloading makes sense. It’s not like a whole new version of the app is downloaded each time we make a change.

if that’s the case, it would make sense why it works in the companion app and not on the phone maybe.

Thanks a lot @jared
It was really my phone problem !
dark mode was mistakenly enabled I don’t know how ! :sweat_smile:
thank you for your support

BTW, I think all components should be compatible with dark mode like any app, or what do you think ?!

They should be. that is strange. I will try dark mode later on today and report back

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Ok, I’m waiting for the result .

I had same issue. Thanks for the advice. Turning dark mode off worked.

If one of my users had dark mode on will it do the same thing to them?

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Most likely. This is a bug to be fixed.