[solved] Block "Is Device Color Scheme" not working

Hi all,

in my app the block “is device color scheme … dark?” says always “false”, regardless of whether my phone is in light or dark mode.

Tested without success under the following conditions:

  • iPhone XR with iOS 17.2.1, Thunkable live 441-2
  • Samsung S20 with Android 13, Thunkable live 441-6

I am working with “Snap to place”.

EDIT: I sent an app (with the not-working detection of the dark mode) to apple appstore. When running the app in TestFlight the detection of “dark mode” works. It seems as if only the live view app (iOS and Android) has the problem.

This is the same thing your describing on iOS :arrow_down:

On Android, dark mode does work on the Live App on Android, I know because I have an Android, so please update your Live App.

Hi @emlee703 ,
thank you for pointing to the information! I consider my question as “closed”.

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