iOS error on camera open

On an iOS 12.5.5 at camera open on a button click, this error pops-up:

Any ideas?

You need to provide more information.

Are you running the app as a standalone app (downloaded and installed in the mobile)?
Are you running the app from Thunkable App?
Is the camera working fine with other apps?

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Thanks for you reply.
I’m running an app published on the AppStore.
The camera is working fine with other apps.

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Do you mean your own Thunkable project that you published in App Store and now gives this error?

What about the project itself? Does it work when you run it from the Thunkable Companion App?


Can you post a screenshot of the blocks you’re using to access the camera?


Yes, the app published on AppStore is throwing this error on some devices or some iOS versions, not in all cenarios.


What kind of device is this happening on? I can’t duplicate this on my iOS device. (iPhone 13 pro max) or my iPad (not sure the model atm. Bought new 2 years ago)

I have noticed this issue on a iPhone 7 with iOS 12.5.5.

What happens when you Live Test this in Thunkable Live and take a photo? Do you get an error or does the photo you took appear above the button?

The error message you posted above makes me think it’s an issue with the Alert component but I could be completely wrong!


The create button object is wrong. There should be two fields for each button but the image is showing one field only.


Hey @assistsolucoes can you share the project causing this issue with me via dm?

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The photo appears above the button.
But my device is running iOS 15.4.1

You’re right. I fix it… but can’t test it.

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Yes, I already DM you with the link.

You said the issue occurred on an iPhone 7 running iOS 12.5.5 but now you’re saying it worked on a device running iOS 15.4.1. I’m confused. What happens when you Live Test the project link I posted on your iPhone 7 running iOS 12.5.5?

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Sorry if I wasn’t clear. My device is running iOS 15.4.1. The issue ocurred on a user’s device with iOS 12.5.5 that I don’t have access… I just received the crash print and I’m trying to figured it out what is causing the issue.
I hope that’s what @muneer said about the missing property “Style” of the Alert buttons. :crossed_fingers:
But if any of you guys have other ideas, I appreciate.


I would fix the Alert and see if the error goes away. I don’t think it’s related to the camera.


Tks, I’ll give it a try.

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