IOS Download to PC

Is it possible to download the completed IOS app to my pc? Not for editing. Like we can do with an .APK.

not at this time. You could purchase and use iMazing to accomplish this task. This is a piece of computer software that allows you to ‘backup’ your apps onto your computer. It also allows for the sideloading of apps, which is often the reason for needing the .ipa in the first place.

Check it out!

Cheers I will. I want to sell from from a link on my company website to avoid the app stores.

Ah so that software will back up the installed apps install file, which can then be used to install on others? Correct?

Correct but it requires physical access to the device. For iOS it’s incredibly difficult to get an app on a phone without using the Apple App Store. You’ll spend more doing work around a than just getting an apple developer account and hosting the app on the App Store and then linking to the store from your companies site.