IOS download stuck?

Hi @Thunkable_Staff
Is there a problem with IOS downloads at the moment. I submitted my app about 10 hours ago and have not received the usual email. I have made some changes since my last download request which I am keen to download but the system is telling me I already have an app in the queue. I presume this is the one from last night still. Any advice?



i think it takes 24 hours or more

It happens to me a few times.

I would recommend you to contact the support directly.

Usually, it takes me less than 60 minutes to submit my apps.

Agreed 60 minutes is normal for an IOS download. Still waiting.

No. Can be less than 40 minutes. Its never been more than 80 minutes before.

How do I contact support directly? If included @thubnkable staff in the original post. Can I do more?

You can do more. Use the chat bot in the lower right corner of the project designer


Cool. Thanks

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