(iOS) [Bug] Can't connect Live when Functions blocks already present

Hi @thunkable,

I noticed that Thunkable Live won’t connect when any/all of the three Functions blocks are already present in the project:

Thunkable Live just continually vibrates the phone, and the scanner stays up. I’ve reset the phone, the PC, and the router, and reset the browser cache. I’m using v13 of the companion.

Just for comparison, Thunkable Android doesn’t have this issue.

Anyone else seeing this?


Hey @BillG,

@Mark fixed this recently, so it should work in the next release, we now ignore disconnected blocks.

Thanks for reporting!

Hi, I have the same problem. To test which blocks are causing this i just created a new project with no blocks or any componnets. Still can not connect to live test. I continues vibrating without any connection.


Hi @mike,

Thanks for responding.

Note however that the problem also happens with connected blocks:

I was attempting to use this arrangement of connected blocks when I first ran into the problem. The problem went away after removing the “Functions” blocks. I was attempting to test the call/return behavior of a function.

So, I think that there is some funny business going on with the “Functions” blocks in particular, whether or not they are connected or disconnected.

Hi @itmed,

The vibration happens to you with an empty project? If so, you might be using an older version of the Thunkable Companion. The latest is presently v13.

My problem seems to be caused by the presence of “Functions” blocks in the project.


Hi, I am using Thunkable version 13 still having the same problem.