iOS app size very large

Hello developers,

this notification might be interesting for you, even if I do not know if this will cause any trouble…

The screenshot is from my itunes connect account.
My first build was reviewed without problem, now I published the second build, hopefully it will have no problems either.



just cecked the file size of my thunkable app in the testflight app: 389,3 MB :hushed:

but it runs flawlessly on my iphone 4S. I managed to sign up as an Itunes Connect user, and so I do not have to wait for the review(which is needed for external testers).

I hope, that the reviewer from the apple team will not complain about the large app

it includes:

  • Stack Navigator with 5 Screens
  • Timer
  • webAPI
  • Media DB
  • Local Storage
  • Realtime DB
  • Photo Library
  • Camera
  • 192x192 png image for icon
  • approximately 20 buttons, 5 labels, 5 listviews, 10 textboxes, 20 columns, 15 and 3 image components
  • approximately 15 functions and 30 variables
  • 3x objects from JSON string

Maybe the hard working beaver packed some MB of additional wood to the app package :smiley:

from further testing, I assume, that it is not the cloudinary component, because I made a copy of my project, deleted the cloudinary component, and downloaded it.

I can only estimate the installation file size, but 5-8 minutes install time with wifi connection tastes still like over 300 MB.
@albert , @mike : How can I see the installation file size? What would you suggest for further testing?

Thanks for writing in about this – we’ll take a closer look.


Is it possible for you to privately send over a share link of your project so we can take a better look?


I am very relieved, that thunkable is checking this issue!

If anybody experiences app building over hours, and installation time up to 5 minutes, I recommend to check the app size, once the app is completely installed:

On the iphone:
Settings->General Settings->Storage &iCloud->Manage Storage

This is also a way to compare app sizes of your app with others on the phone

So I will begin…

merci :smiley: -> final app size after fix: 31.1 MB

@User81 we’ve removed the additional wood. If you rebuild your app is should be quite a bit smaller. Thanks for your patience.


amazingly, app size dropped from 58 MB to 28 MB after your improvements :grinning::hugs:

EDIT: after publishing to apple, in testflight it is even lighter: 18 MB!!!

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@User81 that’s because apple takes our universal build and rebuilds an optimized build specifically for each device type. The good news is that if you use Google App Signing Google is going to start doing this soon too. It’s known as app thinning.

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