App too big 35 mb while download for play store

App too big 35 mb while download for play store

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Please elaborate more on your problem.

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Given that most modern smartphones have GB (1,000s of MB) of storage 35MB is really not “too” big I don’t think.

Can you give us some more details about the specifications of the device you are trying to install on?


yep my app went from 5mb to 50 1/4 of the people did not reinstall asked me for old version

This is really helpful feedback @kizzy - can you send us a link to the store page with these comments please?

Thunkable X apps are typically around 25 MB or so - not sure how you would ever have had an app that was 5MB - can you tell us a little more about the development history here?

my first app was not made in Thunkable X thanks for the reply on this can you tell me why no ads in my other APP? admob said its an sdk problem

Please don’t go off topic like this - I have replied to you through PM and on your public message already so there’s no need for a third post in relation to this.

To go back to my original request here;

It would be great to see some of this feedback from your users so we can use it to inform future product decisions.


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