Oops project did not build

heres my share link https://x.thunkable.com/copy/77b3316d7d3a5261a3de8a01735a6c1f
everytime i download the app it says download data did not match the data from server I don’t know why its happening thunkable has so many issues

I think the problem may be related to the fact that your project is too large. I could not open it on my account, although I still have a place.

In your roject many photos and videos?

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Yes I do but I’m pro so I have a lot of space. What should I do?

Thunkable X applications are limited to the maximum possible size. The closer to the limit of your application, the more unstable it will work. If you exceed this limit, then some or all of the application will not work.

What to do? You can try to reduce the size or weight of the images or make images and videos to the cloud, so that they download from the Internet.

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actech, how can one know when a project is getting too big and likely to start having build problems? The biggest app on my phone is Outlook (322MB) and any apps I have built are under 20MB. I ask because it could be disappointing to invest a lot of time building a larger app which may be doomed to fail because of the size limit.

If you look at my demo app, you can see how large and multi-screen they can be.


For example, on the screen there is a search scrFinder about 20 thousands of people’s names.

Applications in thunkable X can be quite large, but don’t confuse this with the size of the data you can place in a text block. If you have a text size of 800 kilobytes that you want to put in a text block for further work with it, then the blocks will not be able to handle this volume. Therefore, you will have to split this volume into parts. Also, don’t forget that the RAM size of many mobile devices does not exceed 1 GB. If your app tries to load too much data into RAM, it will also reduce stability and reliability. And it will not depend on what language you are programming in.

If your app uses a large amount of data, then you need to think about storing it in external storage - Firebase, AirTable, etc. and upload them in parts.

To load data in parts, use paginated data output or virtual lists. Let the developers correct me if I’m wrong, but in List Viewer in Thunlable X is a physical list. I think the Data Viewer components work like virtual lists, but I haven’t tested them and for this reason I can’t say anything about their performance.

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Cheers, bro. That certainly reassures me personally. I will not be building anything remotely near those scales.

This error occurs while building an app

Hi @purpletutor, sorry to hear that you were having issues with your build earlier. We were experiencing a temporary outage in one of our Android build servers but that should be back to normal function now if you want to try your build again. Do let us know if you are still having issues, however.