Extremely Large App Size

When I export my app the size is about 30mb. Which is already quite large for simply one button, and a web viewer. Although when the app is installed it’s upward of 100mb, which is way too large.

I saw a post about how they plan to fix this in about a year, from 2018, and it seems still nothing has changed. It also seems every time someone opens the app it adds like 1mb to the total app size.

Is there ANY way to minimize how large the final app size is?

export apk again

I’ve done it several times and always has the same issue

You only have one button and a web viewer? Nothing else? No images, no backgrounds, no sounds… nothing?

I have an app with 2,000 blocks and a bunch of small images (button icons) and it’s 42 MB on an iPhone.

This has been answered here: Problem in downloaded apk size

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