App too big 29 MB

I have built an app that you can test in my other post “Testers needed for christmas calendar” . It seems to work fine, but when I download the .apk file for android is 29 MB, even if I delete all pictures and leave only some buttons, screen adjustments, a web api and an alert.
What makes it that big?

Change the extension of this file from apk to zip and see what is in the archive.

The “lib” folder is the one who contains the most files, more than 20 MB. No idea of what they mean. Looks like I should do some yoga: for example

We currently build our Android apks in a way which is very general and includes more libraries than are strictly necessary for the app. The upside of this approach is that the building process is much faster. We are planning some work later this year (probably) which should decrease the size for all apks.


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That’s quite confusing if we think that the classic version has a top of 10 MB.

Maybe you guys can add an option to compile like Android Bundle? This will only use assets that the app only requires.

For classic, that’s because of some technical limitation that fortunately we don’t have on ✕.

Maybe, but that was good for the end user, who recieved a light app. Now 29 MB for just some buttons looks a bit too much for me. I wanted to send a christmas calendar to my son, daughter and nieces, but I am not shure how to manage such a big file. I hope you can fix this soon.

@WallaceGromit, Is the problem that the app would be too big to fit on your son, daughter and nieces phones or that you don’t know how to arrange for them to get access to the app so that they can install it? Or something else?


The problem is wether the app will fit. I know that my son’s phone memory is always almost full. For the other one’s that should not be a problem.
My idea was to download an apk file and send it by whatsapp. Should be possible and I already have the Android version. But I had no success producing the iOS version: I put an e-mail that is different from my login, is that a problem?

Sorry about that. I’m afraid that for now we don’t have a solution.

What exactly did you do for the iOS version and how did it fail? I suggest that you carefully read the iOS sections in our docs on Download and Publish. The procedures and mechanisms are very different than for Android. Apple is much more strict about app installation than Google is.

Done! apparently I did use the wrong email address: it needs to be the same of the login. Now I tried to send it further, still have no feedback ubout uploading from the end user. Thank you very much so long