Invitation to Submit: Thunkable Best Apps of the Year 2016

Dear Thunkers,

Thank you for being part of an awesome first year of inventing beautiful apps on Thunkable. We are loving what we’ve seen so far and can’t wait to see what the next year brings. As the year wraps up, we want to showcase the best apps created on Thunkable this year.

If you have an app that you have #successfullyTHUNK’d and you would like to submit for consideration, please do! In addition to having your apps featured on our blog, the creators of the top apps will receive a fun holiday gift from the team here at Thunkable. We will be judging based on the following criteria:

Unique problem that the app solves
User experience
Your creativity!
Simple, powerful apps that address unique problems, please apply!

Submit your entry here

Contest rules:

  • Deadline for submission is Dec 31, 2016
  • All app project files (.aia) will be shared with our community of Thunkers so please only submit what you are willing to share
  • All app projects must be original works along with the app assets
  • 5 entries allowed per person
    Stay tuned for our early 2017 announcement for the best apps of the year!

This is a very good competition idea! :slight_smile:

I’ll see what app I will send to the competition :blush:


Cool Idea! Totaly Submiting!

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That’s cool!!! Since I’m a beginner in Thunkable, I’ll do this in another opportunity!!!

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WOW, it’s a very good initiative to make some contests to motivate people for making apps

i have a short question:
Are projects that using extensions also allowed?

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I Would Guess So Because Its A Part Of Thunkable. But Im Not Sure

yes absolutely allowed!

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Cool @amrita

Okay :slight_smile: sounds great! :blush:

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Can I submit my app even if it is in arabic language?

@Anwar_Ahmed yes most certainly!

Oops! Missed the deadline, was busy in exams.

I’ll try for next year (2017)

When will we get the results?

The winners have received a email :slight_smile:

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We will publish a blog post with all the winners soon!

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@amrita do the winners get prizes?

@lucatunes yes they do:

Oh Thanks @Conor

Im a good reader xD