Thunkable App of the Month June 2017

Hi Guys!

This month the PowerThunkers are hosting an app of the month contest. You have till 30 June to submit your app.

Submit App:

App Submit Form


  • Your app must me made in Thunkable
  • Language doesn’t matter
  • Your app needs to work
  • Production or Open-Beta (No Alpha versions)

Multiple Winners:

We choose multiple winners! You can win for:

  • Best Design
  • Most Innovative
  • Most Creative


This is our first contest, so in the next few days after this post some things can change



Enroll your app in the above form given by @Sander0542 :smiley::+1:

i have use your submit form button…

@Sander0542 How many entries have been submitted?

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5 :frowning:

We should extend this upto end of June

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@moderators should also pin this

I’ve pinned it to the top of the #SuccessfullyTHUNKd category until 30th June.


Now the question is “can I submit my app?”

Yes, but you cant rate your own app, of course

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That doesn’t sound like a good idea. Sure @pavi2410 will not rate his own app. But what if he reduces the ratings of other apps? That will be an unfair advantage.

It’s best we keep the judges off the contest.


what if it is done in a way that if you are submitting an app in any particular month, you wouldn’t be part of the judges and in months that you would be a judge, you are not allowed to submit an app.


Hi all. Does the app have to be published already? I have a game that i would like to submit for this competition, but it’s not yet published to google play!

If your app is not in Alpha or Beta testing, then you can submit it :slight_smile:

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I am hosting Thunkable AOTM July 2017 :slight_smile:, ok?

If I am right, then you are Power Thunker in 8 days, so you can join the Power Thunkers who host the contest

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