A New Competition

So this isn’t actually a creator’s lounge, but it’s a suggestion for the Thunkable Staff.

I was thinking, what if we have a fun competition where a Thunkable staff member programs a Thunkable app…almost.

They can program the app, but it should have one slight bug that prevents it from working. We Thunkers should try to figure out where the bug is. The first one to do this can win a prize (like a sprite from Jane).

This may be easier for us to do (compared to the WDCs, where we have to spend a lot of time working to build apps), and more people may want to participate because of this. A drawback is that the staff member may have to spend more time coming up with the app and the bug.

I’m just looking for any feedback or elaboration on this idea. If some circumstance(s) cannot let this contest continue, so be it.

Thanks, and Happy Thunking

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Some more things to mention:

  1. The staff member should share the remix link so we can see his/her app.
  2. I am not saying this should be an alternative to WDC (it can be if the staff member wishes).
  3. Anyone can try to code an app with a small error; it does not have to be a staff member.
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@human, you can play this game pretty much every day on the forums! :slight_smile:


LOL! I was thinking the same thing. WDC #22: “Check GitHub…”


It’s not a bad idea but I think I’d rather the staff spend time fixing known bugs than inventing new ones. :rofl:

There’s a small crew of us users who tend to try to replicate and better understand bugs (if they are truly bugs) on the forums. Maybe there could be a user “competition” one weekend to pick 2-3 known issues and see if we can shed more light on the problem?


Yes, that’s not a bad idea! That could be a nice competition.

Also, I said that the Thunkable Staff weren’t the only ones who could host a competition; any thunkable user could do it.


If they’re not bugs, then they’re insects flying through the window and getting us distracted.