Invalid API key error when sign in / sign up

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I am currently facing an issue with sign in / sign up for my app. When trying to login or create a new account, I get the error ‘Your API key is invalid, please check you have copied it correctly.’ However, I have made 100% sure that I copied the API key correctly from Firebase.

I have searched this forum and have seen that people have run into similar issues but I have not seen a clear reason as to why this is occurring and how I can fix it. Below is a link to the project. Any help would be much appreciated.


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did you check the firebase/GCP console ? if the projects there, click it check if the web app’s there. if not, create it and connect it with the newly provided API key.

privatly message @Thunkable_Staff as they could help you.

Yes, a web app has been created, I have tried making a new Firebase project entirely and copying the new API but it still did not work.

did you enter a database URL?

please help @Thunkable_Staff

try entering it again and again. this may work.

Yes I have copied the database URL.

Did you on authentication

Yes, I have followed all the steps to set up the sign in / sign up component.

I tested your app using my API key and Database URL and it is working.

One thing that worth noticing. Would you say that this situation applies to you?

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so your post desn’t make sense.

ok, simple steps approved we should have @Thunkable_Staff here.

What doesn’t make sense to you could make all the sense to others.
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I have checked the server location, however, it is ‘United States (us-central1)’, so I do not think that is the problem. Would you possibly mind sharing your Firebase configurations / settings (with any details blurred out of course) so I can see if there is any discrepancies with mine?

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Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Project setting

Sign in method

Web App

Sample of accounts created by the Sign In component

I think I may have discovered what the issue is. When I live test the project on my machine, the error does not appear. however, when I have shared the project link with other people and they try to run it, the error message comes up. I have just noticed the only one firebase account is allowed per project, therefore when they make a copy of the project and run it, it is not allowing the app to connect to Firebase since the Web API is already in use.

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What do you mean by copying the project?
If you mean within Thunkable then the problem is when you share a project Thunkable will automatically remove the keys. This is a security issue.

Those copying your project should use own keys unless you share the keys with them.

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Right. The other option is to publish the app with your Firebase settings and then everyone who uses the app automatically uses your settings.

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