Introducing...TruBot- The All-In-One AI Tool!

Hey Thunkers!!

:rocket: Exciting News!

Introducing Trubot - Your Gateway to High-Quality AI Tools! :robot::sparkles:

  • :star2: Latest ChatGPT-4 ChatBot: Engage in natural conversations powered by cutting-edge AI. Whether you’re a student seeking assistance or a professional looking for an efficient virtual assistant, Trubot’s ChatGPT-4 is here to make interactions seamless and intelligent.

  • :art: High-Quality Trained AI Image Generator: Unleash your creativity with our state-of-the-art AI image generator. Transform ideas into visually stunning masterpieces effortlessly. Ideal for graphic designers and image enthusiasts who demand nothing but the best.

  • :scissors: AI Command-Based Image Editor: Revolutionize your editing experience with Trubot’s AI command-based image editor. Execute edits swiftly with simple commands, making it a perfect tool for image editors and anyone looking to enhance their visuals effortlessly.

  • :mag: AI Scan and Solve Doubt Solver: Students, rejoice! Trubot’s AI Scan and Solve Doubt Solver simplifies the learning process. Scan your textbooks, solve problems, and enhance your understanding with this invaluable tool.

  • :question: AI Question Generator: Need inspiration for your next project or just curious? The AI Question Generator in Trubot is your go-to resource. Generate thought-provoking questions and spark creativity in an instant.

  • :framed_picture: AI Image Editors (BG Remover, Image Enhancer): Elevate your photos with Trubot’s AI Image Editors. Remove backgrounds seamlessly or enhance image quality effortlessly – the perfect companions for photographers and content creators.

  • :computer: AI Code Generator: Calling all developers! Trubot’s AI Code Generator simplifies coding tasks. Boost your productivity with code snippets generated at lightning speed.

:sparkles: And Many More: Trubot doesn’t stop there! Explore a multitude of high-quality AI tools catering to diverse needs. From students to image editors, graphic designers, developers, and chatbot enthusiasts – Trubot is designed with everyone in mind.

:money_with_wings: Affordable Pricing: We believe in making advanced AI tools accessible to all. Trubot offers competitive and affordable pricing plans, ensuring that groundbreaking technology is within reach for everyone.


Ready to elevate your AI experience? Embrace the future with Trubot! :rocket::sparkles:

My First app was Published on the Play Store!! :star_struck:
It took me at least 5 Months to Develop this.

I’ve Made the UI as Simple as Possible so that Users new to AI can also Use it!
The ChatGPT 4 Function at such Affordable Pricing makes it Compete with High-End AI apps!

New mind-blowing features like AI Presentation Generator, AI Poster Creator, AI Sketch to Image, and many more are still to be Added! :kissing_heart:

Special Thanks to to Thunkable Staff for their Help! :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

If anyone is wondering why Google Sign-in is not available, I did all the UI and Code for Google Sign-in, but due to some issues, I was not able to do it. But I will surely Integrate Google in a Few Weeks!

EDIT: The new UPDATE doesn’t need any SignUp, just Download the App and use AI Tools Seamlessly!

A MadeWithThunkable App!!!


I’m sorry that you have to pay money for a tool not better than Gemini Pro

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Great work!

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Hi Everyone!

I accidentally published it only for India, I’ve changed it and Now Anyone from any Country can Download it!

Thanks, whoocoder

Sounds impressive!

Do users need to have a ChatGPT Plus account? If not, how does pricing work for your app?

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Hi Tatiang!

Users do NOT need have a ChatGPT Plus Account, they have an account in my app.
You can check the Pricing in my App

Thanks, whoocoder

New Update:

Google Sign-In Reimplemented!

Congrats on your app and for being recognized as an App of the Year by Thunkable!

I hope you don’t mind some constructive feedback…

Sign Up

  1. On the sign up screen, “Email ID” confused me for a moment. I’m used to seeing “Email Address”.

  2. Creating an account took about 30 seconds of watching the loading animation.


  1. It wasn’t immediately obvious what an OTP is. Maybe call it a verification code? I would re-word it from “We’ve Sent you a OTP on given Email Adress” (sic) to “We’ve sent a verification code to your email address” with a link to “Resend code”.

  2. It’s also not clear to me on the TruBot VIP page what “Graphic Designer space credits”, “School space credits” and “Developer’s space Credits” are. “Space” makes me think of outer space. Perhaps use a word like “creator” or “generation/generator” or “section” or “area”?

  3. There’s some other wording and misspellings that you might want to adjust depending on which countries you’re targeting for a user base. Let me know if you want help with that. For example, the startup slideshow (which I think users should be able to skip) has the phrase “without pressurizing your Pocket” which I find confusing.


  1. The app doesn’t have U.S. dollars for pricing info. I wonder if it could detect the user’s location or ask them their country of residence when it first launches? It looks like it’s about $18 per month which I would compare to ChatGPT Plus which is $20/month.

OpenAI & APIs

  1. It doesn’t seem like you are using Dall-E-2 for image generation. Which API are you using?

  2. If everyone is using your OpenAI API account to access ChatGPT (and other tools), how do you guarantee privacy?

  3. I think it’s best to leave out features that are “coming soon.” It can be a frustrating experience for users to see that in the app. You could mention those on a company website or blog.

  4. It would be great to be able to see the prompt I used for image generation above/below the image. And to be able to see a history of generated images & prompts.


Hi @tatiang!

Very-Very Thanks for your Constructive Feedback! :star_struck: :star_struck:

  • I’ve Updated the Email ID placeholder to the Email Address.

  • The Reason for the long Duration for the Verification Code was Probably due to your Internet Connection.

  • Users can now do Google Sign Up in New Update which would make it more easier for the sign-up process.

  • I’ve Updated all of the words which you’ve told and they will be surely available in the next update.

  • I have considered the different sections as “spaces” because they sounded more attractive. I took inspiration from Quora’s Spaces.

  • About the Pricing, RS 99 is NOT 18$. It’s $1.20 . The reason for the low Pricing is the Thing I’M NOT sure about disclosing. You can read the Pricing of APIs at OpenAI’s website.

  • I’m Using Stable Diffusion’s API. You can try the Trained Models in Picasso AI Feature in the Graphic Designer’s Space.

  • I can’t understand what you are trying to say about “everyone uses my OpenAI API” :thinking: .

  • You can view the History in the My Account Page.

To get a better view of my app, you MUST check out More Features :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

If you’re Comfortable, could you please give me feedback about the UI?

Thanks, whoocoder :smile: :smile:


I could have sworn I saw 1,499 rupee in the app which is about $18 but RS 99 is a great price! Thanks for the clarification.

I just meant that if you are using the ChatGPT API and allowing users access to it using your API key then there are pricing and privacy issues to consider.

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Hi, tatiang!

The 1600 is a Combo of all Spaces and Features with no-ads.

Thanks, whoocoder

:bell: :bell: UPDATE! :bell: :bell:

  • Access TruBot without SignUp!

  • Picasso AI from TruBot now the Best AI Image Generator in the Segment, generates Professional AI Art with Short Prompts!

Just Gained 1k+ Users!


Just Gained 10k+ Users!

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I installed the application on Android and it sucked at the starting screen… not sure it’s bug. It has been like that for last 3 minutes.

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Apologizing for your Inconvenience,
I’m well aware of this issue, this is due to some issues with the backend while recording the data of the new user, I’m working on the new update which would resolve this issue.

Thanks, whoocoder