Introducing Blaze Add-ons!

We know what it’s like to start from scratch. It seems like forever making every screen, connecting every black, and setting up a database and authentication. We’re here to save your time with Add-ons.

The first add-on is Blaze Share. We’ve made a share screen so users can easily view their available options for sharing. On iOS and Android, it shows email, SMS, and Device Share. On the web, it will just show the option to email. You can look inside the code to get a feel of how to use the Share Screen. Just save it to your screens and add it to any app!

How it looks on iOS and Android

How it looks on the web:

Please use the “Send feedback” button in the app to ask questions. Or if you still have further questions, email

Try the Blaze Share Add-on now: Thunkable