Real Time screen sharing

Hi everyone. Hope all are well.

I’m interested in making and app where two (or more) app users can collaborate, kind of like a shared screen. For example, person A draws on his own screen, and his motions and drawings show up realtime on person B’s screen.

I’m playing around with canvas, and wondered if there is a way to share in this manner.



That would be super difficult and require A LOT of Firebase read/writes. But if you wanted to try it, have the person drawings device send the position data to firebase and the other persons device could receive it and update to their canvas. It wouldnt be 100% realtime, but as close as possible. I would say do an update every 10 seconds.


You may be able to use realtime db add listener function and do this.


Thanks, that’s what I’m trying now.

Hi I’m trying to send share screen to resolve the faulty function buttons & blocks! The students who wrote the APP already left. :crying_cat_face:

Welcome to Thunkable! Please create a new topic for this issue and explain in more detail what you are needing help with.

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