Your app can be apps

You can make your app multiple apps. Like an Android launcher!

Using the web viewer and Google Drive, you can make a whole operating system!

First, you’ll need some default apps.
For my project Blaze Kids, I had YouTube Kids, Camera, Gmail, Google Photos, and Blaze Messages.

Next, you’ll need an app store. I used Google Sites to create the app store because you don’t need to update the app to update the collection of apps.

I used Google Forms to create a form for developers to submit their web apps.

Next, when your app detects that the website that is being displayed is not your Google Site, you can bring up a prompt to add it to an app library.

You can use a list to create an app library.

Soon, the Blaze Web Store will be available for use for everyone. But please wait while we add more web apps to the Web Store before it can be released to the public.

Now, just customize your launcher to look however you want. Add more default apps, use login, and create a good experience for your users!

Trying my idea? Send a link to me of your app!

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Hi @blaze Awesome idea but how do you plan to import the apps from the web store you are making, I really want to try to make

Here’s now it works.

  1. The developer makes the web app that they want to add to the Web Store.

  2. Once the developer publishes their website, they will fill out a Google Form that contains the following:
    Developer Name
    Website logo
    Name of app
    Short description
    Link to website

  3. Check for any new responses. If there is a new one, check the website to see if it abides by your Web Store guidelines.

  4. Import the logo, Name, description, and link using Google Sites. Then publish your Google Site.

So is your operating system app ready yet, if you can give me the link to that google forms link I can publish my web app to your blaze store, I like the way it is going to be, best of luck in making it

and instead of google forms you can develop it like a web app with thunkable and publish it in your own domain if you have one, like google play console

I don’t have one

This is the link to upload your web app to the Web Store. Please note that you may get a following email that your web app was rejected for certain reasons.

If you’d rather have kids see it, then upload it to the Kid Store here:

that’s awesome

You can buy one in namecheap, that’s where I got mine, It is actually cheap

How much apps are there till now @blaze

The only apps we have are Kiddle, Google Duo and Meet, Kids News by Blaze, and Google Calendar. The default apps are Camera, Audio recorder, Communicate, Google Contacts, YouTube Kids, Gmail, Google Earth, Google Classroom, and Galaxies Kids

For the sake of the rest of the forum because nobody is saying anything, you should probably share a link to your App Store or an example video of whatever it is that you’re talking about. I’ve read through this post a few times and I still don’t get it. Do you think you could help us with that? @blaze

I can do that

I’m looking forward to seeing what you have! Sounds pretty cool

I aguess I’m still trying to understand what your app idea does. Are you trying to control deep linking between a thinkable app and other apps available on the phone? Is this in order to block out other apps on the phone so that you can only use certain apps?

Thanks! I’ll send a link to the Blaze Developer, Web Store, and Kid Store website once it’s ready

Hey, @blaze it is been a long time, have you finished the blaze os???

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Do you mean Zest OS? It’s been quite a while, but I still don’t have enough to fully release a beta to the public. The Blaze Web Store is still missing some apps to be added, and Blaze Share si still in development.

Awesome share it as soon as you finish it, I am waiting very eagerly :smiley: