IMPORTANT: Two-Factor Authentication & Publishing to iOS App Store on Thunkable Cross Platform ✕



To publish your app to the App Store on Thunkable Cross Platform ✕, we currently require users to turn off two-factor authentication. Apple recently made a change requiring new users and those that have upgraded to the latest iOS or MacOS to turn on two-factor authentication.
If you have two-factor authentication turned on, you will currently* not be able to publish to the iOS App Store.


  • (1) If you have not turned on two-factor authentication and would like to publish your Thunkable app to the iOS app store, we recommend that you do NOT turn it on.

  • (2) If you have recently turned on two-factor authentication, you have 2 weeks to turn it off. To do so, you will need to check your account for an email like the one below and follow the link inside to turn it off.

  • (3) If you have turned on two-factor authentication and it’s been longer than 2 weeks, you have two options. If you need to publish your app ASAP, you can create a new Apple ID and follow the instructions in (2) to turn off two-factor authentication. You will however have to pay for a new Apple Developer program membership ($100 /year). If you can wait to publish your app, we are working on a fix to enable publishing to iOS with two-factor authentication turned on.

*We anticipate a fix to take up to several weeks until it is available

Apologies for the inconvenience,
The Thunkable team

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Hi Albert,
Is that the only way to publish on iOS AppStore? Or can I download and upload the app, I created?


This is the only way, it should be fixed soon tho, stay updated ! :slight_smile:


Thank you for your answer AcrobatEpee. I wait. It is worth to wait.


Hi @albert
*We anticipate a fix to take up to several weeks until it is available

has it already happened?


Hey @Pavel_A, it isn’t up yet but should be soon :slight_smile: It’s taking some time but we all hope for the best :slight_smile:


Hey @AcrobatEpee I hope that this will happen soon


Me too it’s been a while :confused:


Hey creators,

Apologies for the delay. We are almost in testing stage for allowing you to Publish to iOS with 2-factor turned on.

To set expectations, the new process will require a few additional steps that are required by Apple to verify your identity including generating an Account Certificate, and App Provisioning Profile and an App-Specific Password.

If all goes as planned, this should be ready for you to use soon.

Thanks for your patience in advance,


@albert thanks!


Just an update - we should hopefully have the update out by end of this week/early next week!


thanks for sharing @albert


Oops! I missed my deadline to revoke 2-factor identification by 1 day.

How is the fix coming along?

Looking forward to publishing my app :slight_smile:


The 2fa is on the way and you should see it later today :slight_smile:


The new 2fa workflow is out and here is what you need to know -

(1) If you have an account without 2fa, the way you publish will not change.
(2) If you have an account with 2fa, you need to following the instruction here.



I can’t seem to get the 2fa to work. It says my file is invalid, though I’ve carefully followed the steps. Any ideas?


Can you email me your file? [email protected]


I have the same issue.


Thanks to Jeremy and Donovan’s help, we were able to find the root cause of this issue, and are now working on a fix. We’ll let you know once it’s done.

Thanks, everyone, for building your apps with Thunkable!


Hey, is it working or not ? I’m looking forward to publish but I don’t want to start paying a membership for nothing.

Thanks :slight_smile: