The two-factor authentication apple

I can’t pay for the apple developer program. They want me to turn on the two-factor authentication. But how can I publish an application from service

You can’t, an update was supposed to come out by september but it got delayed, a few days and it should be online :slight_smile:

Hi @Pavel_A :slight_smile:

For the short term solution, you can turn it on temporarily and then turn it off. You can find more information here -

Hope this helps!


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Yes. I am waiting too

Hi wei

Have you tried? You can turn it on temporarily, then purchase the Apple Developer Program, and turn it off once you are set up.

Please let me know if there is anything we can help!


No, I have not tried it. I can log in to the apple ID, icloud from the pc computer. but enable the two-factor authentification I can only from an apple device with iOs 9 and above. I don’t have this device. So now I’m looking for a friend with an apple device. :sweat_smile:

Ohh … Please keep us posted!


Guys, two-factor authentication MUST be turned on for Apple IDs to sign up for Developer program according to Apple. I tried it :frowning:
and also developers in order to be able to submit their apps to the App store. Temporarily turn off/on option has been removed.
I’m waiting for Thunkable fix the two factor obstacle.

Hi el_turco
This means that now I can not disable two-factor authentication as written here?

Nope you must wait for the update

I’m understood, thank you

Hey @Pavel_A Yes that’s right!

There is no option to turn off 2 step. I will be updating my app on Xthunkable and when I am sure it is ready I will turn on 2 step to get into apple developer. You have 2 weeks to turn off 2 step, so I will turn it off, load my update to the app.
This is what I had to do last time. Then I started another account and went through the process again.

Thunkable when will this be resolved???

@towball I believe all issues here are resolved.

I was able to publish my new app to the App Store WITH 2-factor authentication turned on 2 weeks ago.

All I did was follow the instructions here:

Thunkable X Tutorials

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Thats great tks