iOS publishing - is the 2FA roadblock resolved?

When I last used Thunkable, I was stymied by Apple’s new 2FA which prevented publishing on the Apple App Store. I then hired a consultant to develop an app in Swift and it’s nice, but now I’m reliant upon him to make changes and he’s too busy. I’d like to return to Thunkable, as my rather simple app worked just fine. Unfortunately, I simply couldn’t publish it due to 2FA, which I have enabled on my Apple Developer account.

I realize from my first app that getting it through the Apple maze is a bit daunting. However, I believe I can navigate that as long as there aren’t any roadblocks preventing App Store publishing of Thunkable apps.

Any candid thoughts on the ability to get a Thunkable app published on the App Store?

Hi @ctm,

Thankfully this issue was resolved late last year. We have a tutorial video here with a full walkthrough.

If you have any follow-up questions just ask!

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Yes, I saw this, but was just hoping for a confirmation that it’s working well. I don’t want to waste time, as I did before, getting everything right and then finding out 2FA was preventing the opportunity to publish on the App Store. Thanks for getting back with me!