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Hey there :wave:

I have a first version of the app to edit images. You will be able to edit any image uplading it to my server using a simple button, select the image and then edit it and download to your phone

####Avaliable Functions

  • Image Resizer (percentage or height and width pixels)
  • Add a Frame (choose a color and a width)
  • Add a Copyright text (custom text, size, position and color)
  • Change image quality
  • Add a shadow
  • ClipCorners (or round corners)

####Future Functions

  • Add an age filter (to simulate an old image)
  • Add a binder to the photo
  • Rotate the image
  • Flip horizontally and vertically the image
  • Square it for uploading to Instagram (for example)
  • Crop with custom sizes
  • Apply a predefined filter (Edge, Emboss, Blur or Mean)
  • Apply a custom filter (you can add custom values to editor)
  • Add a perspective
  • Change brightness and shading
  • Simulate a mirror efect
  • Make the image negative
  • Replace a color (eg.: change red to blue)
  • Make a pixel party (to mess pixels)
  • Set a greyscale filter
  • Colorize the image (add like a color plastic before the image)
  • Pixelate the image
  • Change the gamma and the palette colors
  • Add a medianfilter to fix wrong pixels in the image
  • Alter the image using FX Filters (Twirl, Ripple, Lake and Waterdrop)
  • Make a transparent image
  • Add a polaroid frame with text (like old photos)
  • Create a custom banner for your app
  • More things that I’m working :wink: (like a custom frame from a PNG image)

Those things have already been added to the PHP script, so the unique problem is the time, because I have to repeat the same process in the app a lot of times (create a Layout, add the parameters, request the new image…).

The PHP script will be open-source when I finish the app, so you can use it in your server and customize it. Also, I will provide a manual, because some things are hard to use it.
The app will be open source when I finish it too.


  • App Download:
    ImageEditor.apk (2.2 MB) - VersionCode 23 & VersionName 0.1.2 Beta

  • Source Code of the app:
    ImageEditor.aia (48.8 KB) - VersionCode 23 & VersionName 0.1.2 Beta

  • Source Code of the PHP Script:

  • Manual for how to use the URL and the RawImageEditor:


  • Thanks to @domhnallohanlon for testing the base of the app and checking that everything was working fine
  • Thanks to @mika for his amazing swipe-menu example in horizontal layout

PD: This post and the update post will be updated as soon as a new version of the app is released with new features
PDD: If you find any bug or you have a suggestion, report here


Nice job!!! Congratulations, @barreeeiroo!


Excellent keep going… !!!

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Looks good

Can you add image compression?

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I could add it, but I would better add a quality method, so image could be ‘compressed’

What do you prefer, compression by API or quality chooser?

  • Quality Slider
  • Compression by API

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I think compression is better.We dont want drop quality

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But a compression drops quality. Is impossible to compress an image without losing quality
’Compression methods’ what they do is to reduce a little bit quality, so you don’t notice the difference before and after, but it dropped quality

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No not all compression methods drop quality.You can select compression method with original quality or litle quality loss check homepage.

Maybe we can use Webp its good and optimized

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Mmm, I will add this:

It’s the official PHP Class of remush, but I will add it when I finish the app


(22 / 01 / 2017)

####Added functions:

###Other changes

  • Now manual resizer will display current size of the image
  • OpenSource App
  • OpenSource Script
  • Fixed small errors

    ####Should I add an auto-destroy image script? To delete images that are older than 1 day, for example
  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t mind / I don’t know

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Good work

I try your aia file.When i try pick image and Post image ı got Error:Not 200 code text.

I want resize user image to 300x250 do you now how to make it? and is this method support jpg and png files?

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It seems that something goes wrong with the WebComponent
Does it occur in the official app? Did you touch something in the blocks?

Using the Resize → Manual Resize enter your Height and your Width as you want, and then it will resize the image as you want
Or using the URL, add this params: &resize&rs_manual&rs_width=300&rs_height=250

Yes, it supports PNG, JPG, JPEG and GIF image format
If you want more, I will search and add it if I can

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I use aia file and uploaded it.Tested with Thunkable live and i got error

I will check resize method thanks for reply

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Mmm, IDK why it’s failing
I’ve tried to create a new project and upload the AIA file and it was working fine for me

Can you test it building the app and not in Thunkable Live?

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Same error

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Because your picked image is .null, it’s very strange

Try to pick another image

Some Browser response code including Chrome is 202;implements both codes
in your app.

It doesn’t depend on the browser
It uses 200 code only in app, and not in custom browser, so this problem won’t appear

Your app work great.I found problem.I think problem source is my gallery app.Its show Latest Photo when opening and when I select from Latest its come with .null. When I select from gallery folders its work

Yeah, it must be the problem

What gallery are you using? And what phone are you using?