A project give away [image editor]

hi all i thought these sort of projects are simple so I am doing a simple giveaway
app name:[image editor]
it looks like:

do tell how is it?

update is coming soon

umm if u say anything about sliders i say ill fix them


well pls describe what your app is about bc i cant understand

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oof i just uupdated

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hi all that’s almost the farthest thing i tried till now
if u all can help me to update it it will be really grateful

i made one with some of my ui design
but like downloading ,sharing , etc . i am confused a lot

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umm no help???
i guess nothing much can be done to it

What does this app do?

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edits image

Umm any solution???

Solution to what? You haven’t provided any details about what’s not working.

You’ve been asked to explain your project and you provided a two-word answer. Can you provide more information? Pretend you’re being interviewed about your project by someone who has never seen it… what 3-5 sentences would you tell them about what it’s for, what it does, and how you use it?

Can you tell I’m a teacher? :laughing: :grimacing: