Testers for ImageEditor

As I said in some posts ago:

I have been making a PHP script to edit images online using Thunkable or AppInventor. The script has been finished, the ImageEditor has been finished, but now I need for testers to test the script and test all the editor functions before releasing to the public
There are lots of features, including image resizer online, aplying effects to an image or even creating a polaroid image or a banner for your app:

Also, all variables can be customized for a better result, and I’m working on adding more functions

So, if you want to test this script, just email me on diego@barreeeiroo.me or post a comment here and I will send you the URLs and an app for uploading images to the server (to view the image just use the ImageComponent or the WebViwer, because the script includes a Web-based Image system)

I don’t have a list of all parameters right now, but I’m working on it, so just ask me of a function and I will send you the params to add to the URL

Don’t try to look to my GitHub repo, it’s outdated and not finished xD