Illuminance light meter : test your light (my first app )

using the amazing extension made by @Taifun App Inventor Extensions: Light | Pura Vida Apps

Use your light sensor as light lux meter and check if the light illuminance level match the lux level requirements for office or home


Nice app. Bug Found: If You change the language a couple of times the app crashes. Besides, only in English the status bar is visible.

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thx for your support and your note … new update for the app is available now and fixed this bugs :grinning::grinning:

Well done!
How can light sensor be used in Thunkable? There isn’t a specific block, isn’t it?


there is extension for the light sensor you can find it in the community

fyi there is the Light Sensor Extension to get the illuminance…
@aylin_mohamed, did you use an extension by accident? If yes, it would be great, it you could give credit to the extension developer…


yes sure its your extension …you did great work with all your useful extension …(topic edited)

Still crashing after switching the language a couple of times.

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yes i see … as a friend suggest me that opining another screen and not closing the previews one may be the reason

Unfortunately quite useless if you do not provide any good guide how to use… Also the user is given an option to “calibrate” the device sensor but how on earth should anybody know what value to set? I like the idea but I think the execution is not very good :confused:


i will make new update … i will show a sign next to the label text to tell the user if the light is enough or not and provide a better guide as you said
calibration is on all other competitor app …can be used only to calibrate with a real light meter device
the standard number is value *1.6 because i use a real device to compare my sensor
thanks for your notes :smile:

yes exactly
The recommended method of switching screens

+2800 downloads … support and rate :slight_smile:

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Greate!.. :wink:

I like :ok_hand: @Taifun extensions because they are so useful. I’m telling to @Taifun to develop more extensions.