Bottle of Light - app inspired by Liter of Light

Heres a link to my newest project:

Bottle of Light - app inspired by Liter of Light

I saw some Youtube-videos about the Liter of Light open source design. I was quite impressed of the impact of these simple bottles, and wanted to give it a try with a Thunkable app and some illustrations.

I started with the illustrations in pen and photoshop. I made them technical with some instruktions, and tried to show the difference in light.

I have made a video with the same material:

Regards Bo


Very inspiration

Awesome concept sir

Very nice visualisation, but I would be very careful making a hole in my roof!

The illustrations are nice but

  1. I don’t get what the use/sense of an app like this should be - to me there is no reason why I should install / keep this app because it has absolutely no use
  2. on screens >2 you cannot see the arrows for navigation because they seem to be white on white…
  3. App icons should be rounded if it is not possible to create an “adaptive icon” to comply with the latest Android design

Hi Chris
There is no other reason to install and keep this app unless you live with a problem of no light in you room. I was reading about the Liter of Light and was touched by the simple solution on a problem that some people live with. Maybe this is just my own need I’m feeding. Making nice darwings and making apps in Thunkable. But the intention was quite simple: Tell a story about problems some people struggle with.
Thanks for pointing out ui problems and best icon practice - I’ll look into theese things . Thanks for your comments. Regards Bo


Hi @bokalvslund

Many people ask about schematic diagram at your video
Can you show me here? Plz

I get that but I don’t think people that do not even have electricity or light would have a smartphone to install the app. It’s a nice concept in general but I don’t see it as an app :wink:

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best, Chris

I don’t have a schema for the LED PCB . I’ve not made the video where they show How to make the LED lamp. But I know a video that has a Schema. Look for it on YouTube.
But I dont know if it’s the same or if it works- but I guess it’s it!

I think you said that you know…

The same content/ illustrations in the app…