Light illumination measurement

High accuracy light measurement
Lux and Foot-candle units
Calibrate sensor
Uses the smartest algorithms

Students use for practical’s of electronic
Photographers measure light on the photo scene and set exposure
Office workers measure the acceptable illumination level at your work space

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Nice work @Ashish_Uttekar, are you using any extensions in your app to access the light level sensor?

Yes sir i used one extension. I am new here. If done something wrong, apologies… and let me know so same will not happen again.

No worries, you haven’t done anything wrong. Typically, if your app uses an extension that has been created by someone else it is nice to just mention them because their hard work benefits us all.

@domhnallohanlon sorry for this. I was a bit new and learning a lot of things so missed. @Taifun you are great and your all work too. this help me lot in doing my first app. thank you so much.

thank you for using the light sensor extension
keep up the good work

100+ users are using the app. Thanks to @Taifun and @domhnallohanlon

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Great news @Ashish_Uttekar, do you have any ideas or feedback for new features to add?

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