I would like to have thunkable search feature

I want the same search bar as shown in

the attached thunkable picture. But I couldn’t find it

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Where did this “thunkable picture” come from?

There isn’t a built-in search component, although there are plenty of ways to search using various blocks in Thunkable. It would be great to have.

Please submit this as a feature request: 📝 Bugs and Feature Requests - ✕ Docs


This is NOT a component, and you have to design and style it yourself. If you want to know the code, check this out for formatting through a data table:

This is handy too:

It is quite complicated. By the way, is that an image of your contacts page of an app in Thunkable?


The contact picker was available in the classic version or at least this is what I understand and the ability to build extensions in the classic app makes such tools easy to get.

The X version however does not have the extension support thus we would have to wait for Thunkable to make it available as a component.

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Thanks very much @tatiang :pray:

Thanks very much @codeswept.

I have done it. But when searching I want to just type the first letter and the list will show results with the same first letter. So is there any way?

You can use the 'when text input changes block. If you only want the first letter, replace the does contain with in text get #1.