Search bar in data grid viewer (airtable)

Hi! I’ve included a search bar in Thunkable, using datagrid viewer, (airtable) can someone from the community share the code for search bar specifically for data grid viewer. Thanks, Zara

Extensive topic with a link to the project.

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Thank you!
I’ve been looking for something more specific related to data grid viewer of airtable, where items could be searched inside the grid viewer. (Airtable)

This is the project link, just the search bar doesn’t work, rest everything is working.

Any solutions?

See this

And this

Thank you for sharing the useful links, the search should work specifically in data grid view for images from airtable. Thanks for writing back.

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If you are looking for a specific help, it helps sharing what have you done so far. Show some screenshots of your code and what results are you getting and what are you expecting.

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