I wish to create a Search bar which will return very specific values from a GSheet

Hi once again @muneer, Happy New Year!! I have now attempted to create the New Entry (MANFVAddNew) screen. The screen seems to work OK if “all the columns/test input boxes” have entries in them. I have also managed to create warning messages to show if an input has not been made in a particular “text_input” box. So when the user hasn’t filled in a box and clicks the “Save” button a message appears to say which entry boxes have not been completed.

The problem is that, even though the text input box has not been filled in, the entry is still made in the Source Data Google Sheet (FVENTRYFORM). Do you know how I might create some sort of restriction to prevent the user from saving an entry when specified boxes have not been completed?

I also wish for the “Remarks” column/ text entry to be excluded from the restriction because it is intended to be a column/text input box for “optional entries”.

Also, could you help me figure out how to create (and where to put) the error label message blocks in my blocks to display the message the if the user’s entry was saved successfully?

I tried to figure it out from the blocks on the “FVEditScreen” but I just could not grasp the logic behind it because that screen is designed for data that already exists and not for data that is being created.

Please see my blocks below:

Again this is the link to the same project:


I shall have a go at the Delete Entry functions after this :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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See this

You are trying to get field values from row_number which will be null.


This is the correct one. It is row_data.

Hi @muneer, thanks for that solution. That makes it more presentable for the user but I now have a “object.Object” message showing on the label below the “Edit Record Number:” label. This used to show the number of the row in the Google Sheet. Could this somehow show the “Reg” value of the row being edited?

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This means you used row_data in this label instead of row_number. This label is to show the row number not the content of the row.

Thanks @muneer, I have changed this now the FVEditScreen is all good.

I don’t suppose you have a solution for my last query regarding creating an entry restriction and also getting my entry successful message to work on my MANFVAddNew screen?

I forgot add an image of my blocks plus link:

My link: Thunkable

My blocks:

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Of course there is a way but I need you to explain what you expect from the screen and what have you tried and what are you getting instead.

Please do not repeat your old explanation. I need to understand the situation so I can present you with my suggestions.

Ok @muneer, I have set out my blocks as in the previous msg with the following intention:

On my “MANFVAddNew” screen.

With the exception of the “Remarks” input box needing to be filled in, all other input (“AddRecTextInput…”) text_input boxes must be filled in by the user. If a “required” text_input box has not been filled in by the user, then I wish for my Error Label (AddRecErrorLabel) to appear in red and notify the user of which box(es) have not been filled in.

Also, all text_input boxes will only be able to accept UPPERCASE letters and numbers (including all text characters) except for the “Remarks” text_input box which will be able to accept both “UPPER” and “lower” text plus all other characters.

Also, if all the boxes have not been filled in, then the user will not be able to click the “Save” button to enter the New Record data into the Data Source Google Sheet. (The “Save” button must be disabled).

If the user has entered all of the required data into the relevant text_input boxes, The “Save” button will be enabled so that when the user clicks the Save" button, the app will check to make sure that the New Record all of the “text_input” boxes (except for the “Remarks”) box are not empty and the New Record will be entered into the Data Source Google Sheet. and the Error Label (AddRecErrorLabel) will display a green “Entry Successful” confirmation message.

I hope this makes more sense.

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The first step is to create a function to check that all text inputs are filled with data. Like this

Then in the save button you first check the outcome of this function

Will continue to give you sample codes tomorrow.

Thanks @muneer, I would never have thought of creating a function. :+1: I shall implement this and let you know how I get on after your forthcoming solutions/ suggestions.

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The next step is to create another function to loop through the Text Input fields and convert all text inside them to uppercase.

Then add this function before saving the values to the sheet.

This step will ensure that all input is converted to Upper Case.

The last step is to inform the user if the data is saved by doing this

This should conclude your inquiries.

Hi @muneer, I can’t find the purple " All Text Input in" block. :open_mouth: (shown in the first sample): Do I create it? If so, how?

Sorry, I’m not very good at this but I am trying to understand.

I shall be away tomorrow for birthday so I will your reply the day after.

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Hi @muneer, I found the purple " All Text Input in " block. :+1:

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You can find it in Any Components drawer.

Hi @muneer, a very late reply to your last suggested advice. This was because my birthday holiday had been greatly extended.

Anyway, thanks for your all your help thus far regarding my MANFVAddNew screen. I have copied and tried your suggestions. They have resulted in the following:

Firstly, after trying entering a “dummy record” (D-UMM3), I received the following “Error Label” message in red. See below:

This message appeared although ‘all’ the entry boxes were completed.


I then tested with a new “dummy record” entry (D-UMM4) using lower-cased entries.

The results are shown below:

The entry firstly returned the red Error Label message

Then the entry was made into the Google Sheet as lower-case


I then created another new “record entry(D-UMM5) where I purposely omitted an entry into the “TYPE” input box.

The following results were noted when I clicked the “Save” button:

I received the green successfully saved Error Label message but no entry was made into the Google Sheet (row 1702) as shown below:

Below, I have shown my blocks:

And here is the link to my project:


It is obvious that the Error Label messaging is set in the wrong colours but the problems that I am now seeing are:

  1. When a lower-case entry is made via the app, it is entered into the Google Sheet as lower-case instead of UPPER case.

****** I have found this error, I missed out a block******. This now also converts the “Remarks” column entry into UPPER case instead of being excluded from this rule.

  1. When a field is left blank, no entry is made into the Google Sheet. This also means that the user will have to make a mandatory entry into the “Remarks” input box even though this intended to only be an optional entry based on the users choice.

I don’t fully understand how to rectify the above as the logic baffles me. Even though you have tried to break it down for me.

Also, what is the letter “j” for?

Many, many thanks,


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I see you have not added the function MakeUpperCase before the create row. This is why the lower case are not automatically converted to upper case.

I also see the conditions for the error label are mixed up and need to be reorganized.

Hi @muneer, I have found my errors compared to your instructed suggestion below and rectified the mistakes as you can see below:

For comparison, please see my blocks below:

I tried to move the blocks around but nothing worked accordingly. So I returned everything to its original state.

Now, this is the state of the results:

!) When I create an entry (-in this case, “t-est7”), no Error Label message is displayed. (See below:)

However, the entry is made into the Google Sheet (row 1715) shown below:

  1. When I purposely omit data from an text input field, in this case, the “CON” field, I quite correctly receive the red Error Label message “All fields must be filled” and no entry is made into the Google Sheet. Please see below:

No entry in Google Sheet as expected.

  1. So as a result, I am not receiving a green “Data Saved Successfully” Error Label message when an entry has been made.

  2. Also, I still have the issue of the Remarks field being for an optional entry by the user and also for this field to be exempt from being in UPPER case.

Once these have issues have been resolved, then I only have the challenge of the Delete functions to address.

Many thanks,


Hi @muneer, do you have a solution for the above issue in No.4 regarding how I may exclude the “Remarks” Text Input entry only from being returned in UPPER case?



Hi @muneer, have you received my previous 2 messages?



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I’m in a business trip and not carrying my computer. Will be able to see the project or anything related to design tomorrow.

Ok thanks @muneer!

Many thanks,


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