I wish to create a Search bar which will return very specific values from a GSheet

Hi, I have reposted my request for help as my previous posting format was incorrect and had to be removed the Moderator.

I am very new to Thunkable and have previously searched the forum and watched many videos to try to find a solution to the above question.

I am the Moderator for a private planespotting group called “AvLog Group” and this project is intended to provide instant mobile data to my members on-the-go without them having to access the AvLog Group website.

I am an aviation enthusiast who is trying to build a multi-screened, multi-functional app which, depending on which screen is selected, will return wide variety data including reference data searches ( both where the member and myself can:

  1. add/ delete; amend/ update rows from one screen and look up/ filter from another screen)

  2. chat

  3. view and add photos

  4. display a upper airway map

  5. display embedded Google Sheets from which the member can update his/her own tab

As previously mentioned in my original post, Muneer has provided the closest result to my requirements and earlier this week has replied.

On the screen in question (“MANFV”) I wish to create a Search bar which will return the values from a GSheet(2) tab (“FV”) but also wish to be able to input data to a separate GSheet(1) tab(“FVENTRYFORM”) on the GSheet in order to add it’s data to the “FV” tab…

My project link: Thunkable

The Source Data is to be entered/ edited/ removed by the user via Thunkable app on the “MANFVEntryScreen” onto the GSheet tab called “FVENTRYFORM”. This data will then be returned in UPPER case text on my Thunkable MANFV screen as reference data from the GSheet “FV” tab which can be searched/ filtered as such from the MANFV screen.

There are sevens fields of data which need to be returned and displayed but I can only seem to manage to get three to show as per the Data Layout templates. I’m sure there must be another way to present my records as required. Please help!

My columns are:


For Muneer:

Hi Muneer, I have tried to use the first of your suggested projects ( called "Search DVL DnD UI copy
") using my own specific data and requirements but it would not function properly so I have tried entering the blocks by copying yours directly into my own project. The result would not search or filter my Google Spreadsheet.

All that is displayed is the first few records from my Data Source and no response from the Search bar.

Could you please let me know if my blocks are incorrect as I can’t seem to find an error anywhere?

Also, the data in my Google Sheet starts at Row 3. However, Thunkable doesn’t seem to accept this setting. So I have to set my data row to Row 2 which is no good for me as Row 2 contains data required for the data records to display correct on my website.

Is there a solution for this also?

Also, on my MANFVEntryScreen is it possible to have one of the data input fields presented as a dropdown list with the Column field?

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And just to be clear — since I am that moderator - the original post seems to have gotten corrupted. I don’t think it was anything @andos-avlog did but the post somehow got deleted.

Thank you for reposting it and I’m sorry you had to do that.

That’s OK. Fingers-crossed that I can get my problems resolved :wink:


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See this updated demo which has how to make one of the columns as a pick list


Hi Muneer, I have copied the layout and design and adapted it to my needs. However, when I open the screen, after just a moment, the screen starts to scroll through nearly 2,000 already-present records from my spreadsheet. is there a way to stop this from happening?

My project link: Thunkable


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Can you specify which screen and what block of code?
Your project has many screens and I would not be able to check each screen to test.

Hi Muneer, my apologies. The screen I am referring to is the “MANFVEntryScreen”.


Sorry Muneer, I forgot to mention it’s the data/ list displayed in “DVL3” (Data View List)


Hi @muneer, my apologies. The screen I am referring to is the “MANFVEntrySreen” and it’s the data/ list displayed with the “DVL3” (Data View List) blocks.

I am also having the same problem with the main “MANFVScreen”. which is with the data /list displayed with the “FVRegList” blocks

Ultimately, I would like for the user after receiving their search results on the “MANFVSreen” to be able to see the result displayed in a window on the same “MANFVScreen” after being found because Thunkable doesn’t to give me the option to display all seven required fields of each record. How can I achieve this?


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Can you explain this part in MANFVScreen?
What do you intend it to do?

Hi @muneer, the MANFVScreen is intended to be a lookup screen so that the user can type in a search on the “REG” column. The result of this should return the data of all seven columns of the searched record (row) on the “FV” tab of the “MAN First Visits” Google Sheet.

The MANFVEntryScreen can only be reached when the user clicks the “BtnMANFVNewEntry” (New Entry) button.

The MANFVEntryScreen is where the user will be able to add new records and edit/ update the “FVENTRYFORM” tab in the “MAN First Visits” Google Sheet. In the MANFVEntryScreen, I wish for the user to be able to first look up record via the “REG” column in the “FVENTRYFORM” tab in the “MAN First Visits” Google Sheet then, by clicking on the searched result they will presented with all seven fields in an editable format so that update or add a new record accordingly.

As Google Sheets autosaves records I also intend to have some sort of confirmation displayed that this has been done.


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Thank you for the explanation. It’s good to know.

But you have not answered my question. What this block is intended to do. Just the block I copied an an image.

Sorry @muneer, based on a previous link you sent to me, I tried to make this block into a search box based on a search in the “REG” column on “FV” tab of my data source “MAN First Visits Google Sheets” that would return the values of all the columns for the searched record in a single window instead of displaying the very long list of the data on the Google “FV” tab.

I am not fully clear on the meaning of the block layout so I just copied the one you sent me and tried to modify it.

See this link: Thunkable

Also, how would I make a second window to display the results of the search?

I’m guessing I’ve done something “very” wrong.?!


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Something you need to be very clear. When you share your project in Thunkable, your Google sheets are not shared and therefore I cannot actually check the code because I have no access to your data.

This is why I try to understand the logic behind what you are trying to do.

See the result

The settings of your Data Viewer List was missing the column name.

Hi @muneer, I didn’t realise you couldn’t see my Google Sheet data. Below, I have added a sample of my Google Sheet data to the “Master Sheet” Source Data, Table 1 that you had sent me. The “NamesList” column is not part of my project:


And below is a link to my project as it currently stands:


The layout and single record design/ display (link below) is similar to what I am trying to achieve.


I hope this helps.


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I can see that you have not fixed the Data Viewer List settings

Without fixing this you will never see the result of your search.

Please fix it in your project and test the search function. Once the search is working then we look at populating other fields with stored data.

Hi @muneer, please see attached image below:


Hi @muneer, I have made the amendment you suggested. Please see previous message.


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I didn’t get what you want. If you want to search then you can search in one of the columns that you bind to the DVL and then when you get what you search for then use the row ID in the DVL and use it for get the full row of the Google sheet using the Get row block from the Data Source drawer.

Have you tried this?

Hi @muneer, no I don’t think so. I’m not quite sure what you mean.

I am intending to use the REG column as the column that the search will be based on. But how would I use the blocks to display the rest of the data in that row? Sorry, I’m not very good at this.

Do I use the "Get row object from (DVL) in (Sheet*) block? If so, where do I put it?


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