I really need to find a way to rotate a label any ideas?

I need to display a dynamic text (time), so can’t use image, and I really need it to be vertical.
(I am using the DnD interface)
Any ideas?

You can display the time using individual digit images. That gives you full control over how it’s displayed (e.g. vertically).

I believe you can rotate a label (see this) but only in the older Snap to Place interface… not in the newer Drag and Drop interface.

Here’s a demo that shows how to display the minutes as image digits:

Demo Project: Thunkable
(See the screen with your username)

I think this is actually much simpler:

Thank you , I was also thinking about this approach…
The problem is I don’t want to just display a time, but number of elapsed seconds with one decimal point, so the image will need to be updated 10 times in a seconds and I think this will create some flickering possibly, but I will need to try…
Maybe is just better to a wait until they add the very basic feature of rotating a label in DnD…


1 idea.

Rotate your element in a snap to place project.
save the screen
open that screen in your drag and drop project
drag the rotated element into your desired screen/location


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That sounds amazing but how do I " open that screen in your drag and drop project " ? Is there an option to import screen from other projects or do you mean something else?

Check out the [docs here!] (https://docs.thunkable.com/v/drag-and-drop/screen) and these docs are how to save a screen in the first place. :slight_smile:

Thank you, the problem is I don’t have save screen / open screen options in the new UI
I do have save screen option in the old ui so I managed to save it , but can’t open it from the new UI

Yikes! I’m looking into this immediately. The docs indicate it should be there. Neither my free nor my Enterprise level accounts have the option so there may be a UI bug. Sorry! Please bear with me.

Bug report has been filed!

I think it was removed at some stage as said here: How to import screens in thunkable drag and drop - #7 by mngash2005k

So I think the official stance is that we cannot import a screen to a drag and drop project that was created in a snap to place project. This is because there are components that don’t exist between the types of projects, namely rose and columns versus groups. What I can do is put you on our beta test for the converter and you can create a screen with your rotated elements in StP and convert the project to DND, save the screen and then import it into any project you want and then drag the element onto the screen that you want. Not sure how much longer this beta test is going to be around but it’s available for now if you want to be able to use it let me know and send me a message in a DM

The option is missing because you probably haven’t saved a screen and drag and drop yet. It was missing for me until I saved a screen and drag and drop. I have requested that we update our interface so that it shows the model and shows an empty area that indicates you haven’t saved any screens.

I didn’t save a screen in the DnD because I don’t have the option to do it…
Sending you a DM about the beta

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