Rotate labels, buttons, text and so on

How can i rotate a button 180° in Design? not an image used as button… i mean a button from design components.

How can i rotate a button dynamic?

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In the Advanced tab of the component, look for Transform and enter the wanted degree.

You will see the effect when viewing using the Thunkable live App.

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That sounds good… but i can’t find “Advanced” nor “Transform”…

The advanced properties doesn’t exist in the DnD UI.
It’s still in Beta so not all futures are there.


Ok, i did not realize that there are different UI tools available. It seems that i can’t change to the traditional UI? so i have to start again from scratch :roll_eyes: ?

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Yes, once you start with one UI you can’t change to another. You need to start again.

a warning would be nice… is there no way to rotate the button or a label in drag and drop UI?

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any other important differences beetween standard / dragNdrop? can i convert from standard to dragNdrop?


Thunkable development team is working on a conversation tool from Snap to place UI to Drag and Drop UI.

You may ask Thunkable to inquire about expected time such tool would be available.

Not yet.
Reqeusted it in thier github page