I need somebody who wants to make some cash by helping me build a module?

I’m taking too long adding a dynamic menu to my App. At this point I’m willing to pay anybody who can help me with Web_API to POST to my API Server a call that will return JSON, xml or csv containing the menu structure to create. The menu and submenus are buttons (i’m using clone an a list) with images and text. The result of the API Post will return these values.

So, I need:

  1. web_api to POST to my server.
  2. response will be json, xml or comma delimeted.
  3. On response, create a list.
  4. Use the list to create dynamic buttons for Menu and sub Menus.



You already have your API but don’t know how it works?

Correct. API server is ready to return data. I can return json, xml or comma delimited based on parameter “style” ypu send me.

In Thunkable X, i need to create the blocks to request this data and build the list or list of list.

How much do you chsrge me ?