How can i pick the items of these api?

Hi i want to list some data from this api response, the problem is i dont know how i stuck… (need to pick all, blockSize, blockVsize and so on

the first both worked, but at this one i have some problems.

i try and followed this but i dont get it

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result is

result is null

i also tried the other e.g

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The response is a list so you need to use get property blockSize of object "in list [object from response] get #1"

can you show me a little example ? :slight_smile:

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Do it this way

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hey i tried this but i stuck again…


when i need blockVsize i get response null

ok there was some problems with the character of named property idk i copy paste it now it work

how is it possible to start a new paragraph in a label with thunkabel, i only know \n


Yes, \n will create a newline and if you want to skip a line, use two of them: \n\n

There’s also a newline block in the Text drawer that does the same thing.

What do you mean by “start a new paragraph”? Can you give an example? Would two newline characters or blocks work?

I have to list them one below the other.

Ehm can the timer event, automatically update the api request or is it not possible?

I don’t use Timers so I’m not the best person to answer that. But I would think you could as long as the interval is long enough. Some API responses can take quite a few seconds to complete so if you had an API that took 10 seconds to respond and your timer interval was every 5 seconds, it obviously wouldn’t work correctly.

Did my suggestion solve your paragraph issue?

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yes i understand, the api is usually updated every 2 seconds.

This means that an automatic refresh of the api would be possible in principle with the timer event?

This is how you make text in separate lines

This is only a sample and not mirroring your data.

API is a service on servers and to avoid overloading the server the provider will have a type of usage policy such as the time between calls to the API and the number of calls in a certain time so you have to check with your provider how many calls in an hour or in one day.

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i know, the reason is i have the same app build with appinventor (there it is possible to set timer event for auto refresh (only android) now i want to do it for IOS.

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In addition to what @muneer wrote about server calls, it’s important to understand the difference between how often API data is updated (on the server) and how long it takes to make the call and get the response in Thunkable.

You can time this by setting a variable’s value to the seconds since 1970 block in the Device drawer and then checking the value again (or subtracting) after the JSON response is available. Do this a bunch of times to get an average response time. And then set your timer interval slightly longer than that.

This all depends on the API server you’re using and the specific call you’re making. I’ve had APIs take less than a second to complete this process and others that took over 10 seconds.

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@muneer @tatiang

the solution to automatical refresh any url

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Thank you but again, many of the API(s) I use has constrains on number of calls per minute and the simple timer will never work.

If this works for you then you are just lucky with this one.

I think these are public APIs to use, i mean, these apis are widely used because they provide the main data of the bitcoin blockchain for many

the only thing that surprises me a bit is that the update only works in the web view, on the mobile phone connected to tunkable it doesn’t work, maybe just transmission errors?

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I believe you jump to conclusions very quickly just as you jump from one question to another in this post.

Firstly, most API calls will not work from the web test. You are just being lucky again that this one works.

Secondly, API calls are data structures and requires headers and containers to transmit them. Most of them needs content type to be specified among other settings which should be given by the official documentation.

You need to look for required setup when run from an app not from a web page.

The main questions on the topic have been clarified, so as not to open any further topics and to stay with this topic, does it make more sense to do this here, i guess

I just want to understand the differences between the two app builders, they can’t be that different, it works actuall with the same build, just the item list pick is different and i needed to know how.

I know how the API works.
My other app has been working for months and is requesting the same api data with no problem

That wasn’t my question, at least it wasn’t a question. It was just a statement that it probably won’t update during the test connection, in case I’m wrong clear me up. (or does web and app view use a different test transmission?)

PS: I just had to refresh Thunkable and the mobile device connection (see it as a bug report)