Help Needed for quotesy

I am unable to fetch data in web api. Thunkable. just put any 12 digits string to start.

I entered 123456789012 and it displayed this:

Is that what you want it to do? What happens when it fails? Are you checking for errors?

How do you know that the length of the API response is a list with 221,347 items?

It’s probably better to get the length the “array” property and use that in your blocks.

Also, the JSON response includes the “array” property. So to get “Thomas Edison” here, you would need to get the property “author” of the first item of the “array” property of the JSON object. Or put another way, the property “array[1].author” of the JSON object.

You also need to convert your JSON response to an object! I recommend you watch my tutorial video so that you understand how to parse JSON in Thunkable: API JSON Tutorial (Video).

The JSON response is only 1643 items long. And I was wrong about “array” being the top property. Here are working blocks:

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