I can't download Android APK.

I’m from China. I’ve joined the paid member, but I still can’t download Android APK. I’d like to ask you for help. Thank you

Hey @plwin6teth00 welcome to the community! :wave:

Are your APK files downloading for you now?

Hi Admin,

I am a paid member and I having the same issue regarding unable to download the android apk. After clicked the “Download Android” button and showing the message at picture below and then not response on it. The apk didn’t download. Need help asap. Thanks

@charlesleekg77tlgut :tada::tada: Welcome :tada::tada: To Our Community. I am also facing the same issue from last 10 days. Have you already downloaded app which is made by thunkable? If yes, then you can’t download second app which is made by thunkable. So, first you have to uninstall that app and then try.

@charlesleekg77tlgut It works?

I am still not able to download the APK from thunkable…

May be this is a bug. I think you have contact with staff regarding this.

it takes time or the build servers are loaded fully

@tingc Please solve this bug.

@Power_Thunkers Please solve this bug.

@aaminahmansuri59h this is not a work of @Power_Thunkers this should be done by @Thunkable_Staff

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Why have you tagged tingc? The people you should contact are the Thunkable Staff. Power Thunkers can’t solve this. This is an internal error/bug.


I tried downloading 3 different APKs and all is fine without problems.

no response after click “Download Android” button and no apk is download…

WAIT 10 MINS :smiley:

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Same Here
Waiting a long time almost 35 minute

try in early morning around 6-7
that’s wat I else do
this time servers are loaded