How to download apk file in thunkable x

i build an app and try to download. when i click download android app then show the message your app download starting. but not show anywhere.

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not show any popup after click download button

Try to repeat the operation after a while. As you can see, I have no problems. Maybe you temporarily disconnected from the server.

Try to open the project in a different browser. I’m using Firefox and I’m fine.

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I have the same problem and I’ve tried both on Chrome and Edge and there is no pop-up screen nor anything else happening after I click “Download Android”. I only get the “App download starting” message but nothing really happens.

Could anyone give a hand? Many thanks :slight_smile:

@splashapps it takes a bit time now because thunkable has updated many times and it not shows pop up now

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Thanks for your answer and happy nwe year :wink:

I’ve been waiting for around 10 minutes staring at the screen with good Internet connection but still nothing seems to happen after the “App sownload starting” message is displayed. Any ideas? Maybe a moderator / thunkable staff could clarify?

Thank you

idk why it happening to you works fine for me i am on chrome

I’m receiving a popup.

Hi everyone,

If possible, can someone please tell me how to download my apk file step by step with screenshots?

Any help will be appreciated.

Please search the forum.