I am not able to remix the 4Hire app

hey community!,

I was going through a page called ‘19 best thunkable apps of 2019’ and I came across a very interesting app which i wanted to remix. But whenever I would press on the ‘remix’ button, this link would come in a new tab for a few seconds and then they would say ‘error copying shared project via link’ and then the regular thunkable project page would come.
the app is called ‘4Hire’
this is its link - https://x.thunkable.com/copy/dc04f7d10c37b0b83157d4e39ada0b4f
thank you

Hey @olyvoyl_2008,

I found it! (but it took quite a bit of searching!)

Screenshot 2020-10-07 at 16.25.05

Really cool that this project has 840 remixes already - don’t forget to give it a :star: though if you like it!

Thanks @cam_luke_ray for creating this!


thanks alot!

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I just saw this but this what it’s replying