How to remix an app blocks

Hello everyone,

I was searching the thunkable YouTube tutorials on how to remix an app, unfortunately, I could not find any. Could you please advice where I can find a example step by step on how to remix a sample app?

Thank you in advance.

Here’s a screencast that shows how to do it:

(No sound)

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Thank you for your prompt answer. I took a looked at the screencast and I have two questions:
1- Once you click remix, is that means that you already have the totality of the blocks and you can start modifying it to develop your own App?
2- Do you think in the near future we could see more tutorials on remixing with more details?

Thanks again.

When you remix a project, it becomes yours. You receive a copy of the project with all of the blocks from the original project. Any changes you make only apply to your copy, not to the original.

Some settings such as API keys, Firebase keys and external data source data will be removed from the copy when you remix it.

Honestly, I wouldn’t know what to put in a remix tutorial because once you remix a project, it becomes the same as any other project you created yourself. There’s no way to tell the difference by looking at a remixed project.

What questions do you have about remixing?


Thank you.