Howe to bypass a input so formula can work

I have this formula in row 3 in my google sheet, i got it working now =ArrayFormula(IF(D3:D50495=“”,“”,D3:D50495*LOOKUP(2,1/(G$2:G<>“”),G$2:G)))
But now how can I get it to work so to bypass the perdag value, if I add a [" "] it makes a empry row, and wton info in next row.

The values in a create row block are cells in columns, not rows. So if you use a blank text string block (“”), it will make the PerDag column value for that row an empty string. The value of the PerDag column/cell should not stop you from creating other rows.

If you are creating rows inside of a loop block, then you are expecting Thunkable to work too fast. The create row block takes some time since it’s updating a cloud-based data source. In that case, you need to add a wait block after or inside your create row block to slow things down. Usually, waiting 0.03 seconds or even 0 seconds will fix it.

Thank you, it is working now

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