How to not have input in a cell in google sheets

I have a column that do have a formula in it, what must I use to skip this column so after I insert data that it will still use the formula

Hi, you’re going to need to provide more details about what you’re trying to do. I don’t understand enough to give you advice.

Are you using a Create Row block? A Get Value block? A loop?

**Edit: **okay, after reading your other topic about Google Sheets, I’m guessing what you’re asking is how to create a row but leave the cell value for one column in that row whatever the current value of that cell is.

As an aside, please don’t create a new topic when you can just add details to the existing one. It’s confusing to have to piece to ether information from two topics.

What you can do is assign the Get Value block for that cell to a variable. And then use the Create Row block with the variable for that cell value.

Thank you, I am new to the blocks, is is possible to show how to do this in thunk table, I have tried to find a sample, but could not

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Please don’t advertise on the forums. I’ve removed the link you included.

Here are the blocks I would use:

You could also try this, which does the same thing, but I’m not sure how well it would work:

I did not atvertise, I was using my phone to reply as our power were off, it is the email app I use, wiil use gmail next time. Sorry about that

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Thank you.

So if I understand it Where Video url is, Imust use My column Gebruik.
Not sure what the row id must be.

If it is possible can you explain to me what all is, if you do not mind

I did try this, but not sure about the row id

The row id would be the row number that the existing value is in. If all of your cells in the column (I can’t see its name because “Sets this variable to be equal to the input” is covering it in your screenshot) have the same value, the row id number doesn’t really matter.

Can you show a screenshot of what your spreadsheet looks like?

Here is the screenshot

and with formulas

Great. Now I need an example of a new row you would create and a value you want to remain the same. Is that value a formula? Because I’m not sure you can do that with a Create Row block. You might be able to force a Google Sheet column to auto-populate with a value in Google Sheets, though.

Yes When I add date in “Beskikbaar” it must then in “Gebruik” subtruck from row 40 "beskikbaar and new row 41 "beskikbaar and show diffrence in row 41 “Gebruik”

Okay, I don’t think you can do that from Thunkable. You can try adding the value of a formula such as =sum(a1:a6) but I’ve never tried that.

If that does not work, then your options are to figure out a solution in Google Sheets or use a Google Apps script. But I don’t know the answer for those.

Thank you, will see what else to do. do not know google script, but will look into it

Is there anyone trhat know about Google scripts

I tried it and it worked!

image image

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Oh awesome! I was hoping it would.

Thank you it is working, Just not sure how to use Question 2 (Gebruik) so it will use the new row that must be input, and notr B2-C2

You can use the Join text block to create the Google Sheets formula you need based on the number of the new row that will be created. Use the number of rows data source block to get the current number of rows and then add one to it to get the new number of rows with the new row added.

In your screenshots above, you have a formula that ends in B8-B9 or B9-B10 etc. but I can’t tell what row numbers those are for. For row 2, what is the formula you are using? Does it end in B1-B2? I need to see some examples of row numbers and formulas that go with each row number to be able to help you set up the blocks.

Here is a screen shot of my formulas that i am using.

So row 28’s formula ends in C27-C28. So if you had 27 rows and you wanted to create the 28th row, you would use the number_of_current_rows (27) and the formula would end in Join “C” AND number_of_current_rows AND “-” AND “C” AND number_of_current_rows+1 AND “)”.

Thank ou, after working with this I have make the following changes, but when I rub it, i am getting the wrong answer off 44 and not 8.2.

=IF(ROW()=MATCH(Beskikbaar, Eenhede!c:c, 0)+1,“”, BeskikbaarRow-OFFSET(BeskikbaarRow,-1,0))